Why Leverage our Media...

Your Opportunity to market with added trust.

Increase Reach

Deliver your message and remind many healthy-living women what they need and where to get it.

Content Value

Positive Entertainment filled with detailed information to help readers get to where they want to be.

Valued Product

Readers apreciate the magazine's look and feel.


We know advertising works. With the right message getting in front the right person... consistently... advertising works.

That's why your business dedicates funds to put marketing messages in the places your customer will see them.

Even if they do not study the advert, they are still influenced every time they come into contact. Your customer develops recognition, a familiarity, an emotion... they are influenced every time they see it.


If your target customer is female, educated & affluent, with the ability to spend then this new media should be considered for adding to your marketing mix.

Your customers can see you in our...


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